Welcome to
L][Grand Hadrion

high five server reopen !
We started 14.11.2018 22:00 UTC+1

Server low rate is closed.
Download Client and Patch
to play on our Servers

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EXP: x300      SP: x300
Adena x300

Exp Zone (pve):
Fantasy Island

Adena Zone (pve):
Instance Giran NPC
Farm Manager

Item Zone (PvP/Pk):
Pagans Temple

Boss Zone(pvp/pk):
Forbitten Gateway

Scheme Buffer, Special PvP,
Olympiad 1 MONTH, Subclass and Nobless with One Click,
Transformations without quest,
Hellbound without quest Opened

Grand Hadrion Staff

Great people’s on one place:

Guaranteed stability and entertainment at a high level. Give everything to encourage players to play on the server


Server Admin

Creation is good place to run own scripts. People wants and he can do this with special protection options and transparent


Script Developer

He can help you with all problems in game. Can start best events with more rewards, and organize great PvP


Game Master