I. Basic principles:

1. Server Administrators do not assume any problems associated with the game’s performance or the quality of connection to the server and server downtime.
2. Playing on a server is completely free of charge. Any deposit made by the players will be treated as a whole, will be voluntary and designed to maintain the machines, or building web site.
3. Voluntary contributions are not the basis for any claim, and are not subject to claims for loss of the database server or cessation of operation to block the user account (Ban).
4. Sales account objects from the games for real money via Internet auction sites or other media is totally forbidden under threat of immediate account termination.
5. The player is obliged to immediately notify the GMs of the mistakes found in the game, which may affect the course of the game and other players on the server. Such cases should be reported in the petition on server or on board site. If player using bugs in the game, will be punished as deleting an account (Ban).
6. The user registering on the server, fully accepts these rules and agree to follow it.
7. Not used an account at more than 3 months shall be removed from the server.

II. Player Relationships – Game Master

1. Each of the GMs should be treated with respect, because their volunteer free time to players for gain fun.
2. Direct slander or profane GM in the game or outside it, for whatever reason, is the basis to receive a ban.
3. In cases of grievances, complaints, or wrong decisions taken by the GMs, should be reported to the main Administrator.
4. Game Master is not giving away objects and does not modify the player stats. Any requests of this type will be discarded, in cases of obsessive compulsive disorder can result jail or ban. Exceptions and bugs may be reported on the forum, bugs evidence, “disappearance” of the objects or other things.
5. Game Master at the request does not relate to mobs, not teleport players and transforms them. Any requests to transform, a teleport, spawn mobs, etc. may result jail.
6. All problems related to customer account and the game should be reported to the forum.
7. Any urgent matters should be reported to the GMs in the game.
8. GM is the person who takes care of housekeeping, proper functioning of the game and the players’ compliance with the Rules. Therefore, it should not be disturb by PM, except that he will communicate, and you can write to him via private message. Abuse PM, or disturbing may result jail.
9. To talk with GM a player is obliged to use the petition system.

III. Player Relationships – Player:

1. Each player must show proper respect. Use a profanity and generally considered offensive to other players is prohibited and may result in jail or ban.
2. Breaking the prohibitions should be reported to GM by sending information on the forum such as attaching the irrefutable proof of unmodified sceen shot. Any complaints with no evidence or complaint containing no full proof (including the hiding of the fact, offended, and initiation another player) will be rejected.
3. Killing form of the game should not be considered insulting. It is part of the game and the GM will not consider such complaints. Only a particularly notorious case, designed to impede or prevent only the game to other players.
4. Do not offend the other players, regardless of the reason.
5. Do not steal objects and hunt monsters that are hunted by someone else.
6. Prohibited to attack form the walls and ceilings of places not accessible to others (from the top, bottom or on teleports)
7. Cheating is not allowed players to obtain benefits such as phishing in any way objects (monsters, bosses to another players, the third-party turn, etc.) .
8. It is not allowed to pull players into a wrong store or transaction description, which would suggest that we sell something other than really we presented.

IV. Other

1. It is strictly forbidden to use programs such as bots and programs to attend the game without the game player or a supporting player. Any sabotage resulting a deletion of your account.
2. Is strictly forbidden to modify the client on their own. The only modification allowed to the customer, the system will be made available by the administrations.
3. Is strictly forbidden to impersonate GMs. Is also forbidden to call his character into a nick close to sounding nicks GMs, which can introduce other players in the error. Any failure to comply with this point of immediate results with ban for the account and the accounts associated with the fraudster.
4. Strictly forbidden to call the players, clans, aliance, pets or set the title in a way that may offend other players, or using words commonly recognized as vulgar.
5. Is strictly forbidden to use in crestach clan of characters that can offend faith belief Be other players (such as the pentagram, swastika or others religious symbols).
6. Server Administration reserves the right to change or supplement these terms at any time.
7. If you do not agree with these conditions are not set up an account on our server. Creating an account means unconditional submission to the Rules of Procedure.

Rules are valid from: 2-11-2018